10 Minutes A Day

Every day this week we have done a 10 minute writing challenge based on a picture prompt.  The pictures are different each time and we only need to write about 5 sentences.  The focus for this week has been to make sure we use capital letters in all the right places and correct end-of-sentence punctuation.  It is surprisingly challenging!

Congratulations to Oscar, who got 3 perfect days in a row and has moved on to his next focus.



Extreme Earth

extreme earth

Our new topic for Spring 2018 has been greeted with great excitement by the class.  The topic is about things like volcanoes, tornadoes earthquakes.  – Harry

In a month’s time we are going on a trip to a Science Centre called Magna.  We are going to go into a volcano workshop!  – Jordan

Our class display is inspired by the breathtaking front cover of Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo.  We have started reading this book together.  – Phoebe

Extreme earth is about some very dangerous things, including very bad weather.  No-one wants weather like this.  Sometimes water turns into really thick ice because it’s extremely cold. – Savannah




A Very Busy Week

On Friday last week, we had our class assembly.  Lots of our parents came to watch and we entertained them with our fantastic song about Cleopatra, as well as our amazing class poem and lots of interesting facts.

It was such a lot of fun, ‘I really enjoyed the bit where Felicity gave a poisoned drink and I had to throw myself on the floor’ said Ryan.

Felicity said, ‘being Cleopatra was great, I got to kill a lot of my friends (just pretend)!’

After the assembly, we started our Egyptian day with Year 4.  Mrs Marshall showed us how to make an Egyptian themed soup, and we revised our instruction writing skills.  The soup was amazing!

Then we made jewelled collars from paper plates and finally we created Egyptian death masks using papier mache.

‘I loved wearing my costume all day long’, said Willa.

This week we did loads of creative things, including painting with cars and phonotropes.

‘Drawing with light was incredible,’ said Austin.


Crazy Cupcakes

This week we have been learning how to write instructions.

On Monday, we found out how to be an Ancient Egyptian embalmer.  We watched an interesting demonstration from Jacob, whilst he acted out the embalming process on Willa, then we wrote out the instructions ourselves.

Later in the week, we watched a video on how to make basic cupcakes.  We took notes and then created our own recipes.  It was very tricky because the video was going so fast we couldn’t write quickly enough.  We were allowed to edit the basic recipe and add some ingredients of our own.

Edward and Phoebe

Marvellous Magnets


Over the last few weeks, we have been learning all about magnets.

This week we created experiments to find out the strengths of different magnets.  We used to lift up nails, pins, paper clips and other metal items and counted how many each magnet could hold.

We also learned about constants and variables in experiments.  Constants are things that stay the same.  Variables are things that change.  We only had one variable in our experiments, which was the number of items we were picking up.

‘The wand magnet was the strongest of all.  It could hold ALL the nails as well as all the other magnets!’  Edward

‘We found out that our Poppy Day snap-bands are magnetic!’  Phoebe

‘I really enjoyed the experiment, it was good fun.’  Gracie

Papyrus Painting

This week we have been painting pictures on real papyrus.  Papyrus is made from the papyrus plant, which grows in Egypt.  We painted in the style of the ancient Egyptians and chose either a sacred cat, Ra the sun god or Anubis.  We are extremely proud of the finished result, which is displayed in our classroom for everyone to see.

‘Papyrus means baby skin in hieroglyphs’ -Martha

‘We only had one go at our paintings because we didn’t have any more papyrus’ – Toby

‘I enjoyed doing it, it was really fun’ – Milo

See for yourselves!


The River Nile

This week we have been researching facts about the River Nile.

IMG_0055 By Gracie

Poppy:  The River Nile is in Africa.

Henry:  It runs through Egypt.

Ryan:  It is the longest river in the world.

Jacob:  The River Nile heads out into the Mediterranean Sea.

Willa:  There are crocodiles in the river.

Ruby:  Ancient Egyptians thought that Ra the Sun God was born in the east and died in the west every day.

Austin:  The Nile is 4100 miles long.

Phoebe:  The Ancient Egyptians used the river for lots of things, such as bathing and transport and the Pharaohs used to ride on the Nile at night time.

Martha:  Ancient Egyptian farmers used to build their farms next to the River Nile so that they could collect water for their crops and animals.

Edward:  The River Nile runs through Cairo, the capital city of Egypt.

Darcie:  The ‘Gift of the Nile’ is the rich, black soil from flooding.  It helped the crops grow every year.

Matilda:  The Aswan Dam stops the cities from flooding.

Isabella:  People couldn’t live without the Nile because Egypt is a desert.

Come and check in again next week when we will have more exciting things to share with you.


Welcome to the new Year 3!

This is our first blog post and we would just like to say hello from our classroom.  Here we are working hard on a Friday afternoon.  We are learning all about Ancient Egypt – there are so many creepy things to know.  See you soon.  Year 3
blog photo

Go Ape!

Year 3 and 4 braved the wet and windy weather this week for a trip to Go Ape! We had a wonderful time exploring Sherwood Forest and conquering the tree top adventure. The zip wire was a particular favourite!