Bransby Horses

We were delighted to be able to take the Year 3 and 4 children on a trip to Bransby Horses this week.  It was a lovely day, in beautiful surroundings, and the children were really well behaved and listened carefully to everything they were told.  They took part in several workshops, linked to their topic and science work, and were given a site tour.  They even managed to meet some of their chosen adoption animals face-to-face, which was a real treat.

Well done to all the children for representing the school so well, and for saving all their pennies to raise enough for a staggering 10 adoptions!  Bransby really is a wonderful charity and a fabulous day out.

Please keep sending in your used stamps as we will continue to collect them and take them over to Bransby.



The Wonderful Dream

Last week we were getting ready for our amazing performance of Alice in Wonderland.  On Tuesday and Wednesday this week, after all our hard work, we did it!  PJ

This hat and these ears are parts of two different costumes worn during the show.  GE

Unfortunately, some of the cast suddenly became unwell and were unable to perform on the second day.  Happily, some amazingly talented children stepped into their places at the last minute and the show went on.  CG

This week years three and four did our production which was Alice In Wonderland. I was the duchess,Olivia was the March Hare and Gracie was the Dormouse. Some of the girl dancers were ill so Ryan stepped in and wore a tutu on Wednesday. PS


mad hats

Spoiler Alert!

Look who’s been hanging around in Years 3 and 4 this week…

mad hatter

We’re getting very excited for the big production – less than 2 weeks to go!

Tickets will be available soon.

When In Rome…

Today I’m going to hog the blog so that I can say a little bit about last week’s homework task in Year 3.  What I particularly love about setting a homework task like this is that you never really know what you’re going to get and it will ALWAYS exceed your expectations.  Asked to research and write a little about Roman Britain, the Year 3 children went off and found some incredibly creative and impressive ways to present their findings.

We had a fabulous timeline (and everyone knows I love a good timeline for a history project), complete with all significant dates, facts and pictures:


A couple of amazing PowerPoint presentations, one of which included a very amusing quiz at the end (ask the children about Roman toilet paper):


Even a couple of tiny models of Hadrian’s Wall, with tiny trees, flags and Roman shields:


All this, along with loads of fabulous research and amazing fact sheets has made marking homework very easy and very pleasurable for me this week.

Thank you, Year 3, you are incredible!

Mrs G

We have all the answers!

This week we have been trying out a different way of marking some of our maths work.  When we are ready to mark our independent work, we can go to the marking station and check the answers ourselves.  This means we can move on when we are ready, but can get more help straight away if we need it.

answer station

‘I think the answer station works really well because it’s quick and quiet.’  MH

‘The answer station is so much better than waiting for a teacher to look at your work.’ MT

‘I think the answer station is helping me a lot because I can mark straight away before I forget what I was doing.’ PJ


Amazing Alice

Rehearsals are underway for the Year 3/4 production in a few short weeks.  Everyone now has a part and requests for costumes will soon be winging their way home.  Watch this space for more exciting updates.

The Great Outdoors

On Wednesday we all went outside have some fun with Rachel from Forest School.  Rachel usually gives us quite tricky tasks and this week was no different.  We had to create the base for volcanoes and next week we will be able to make them erupt!

To keep us going during all the hard work and digging, we got to cook marshmallows over the fire-pit and we ate them with biscuits and chocolate sauce.  Yum!

Can’t wait until next week!  PJ

The Great Wave

great wave

Hokusai’s paintings are very famous, especially this particular one – the Great Wave.  If you look on most of his paintings you will see Mt Fuji in the background.

We have worked in pairs and made our own Hokusai creations, inspired by the Great Wave.  We made collages using only newspaper in different colours, along with white paint for the details.    RS

I think all of them came out really well.  MH

I think these collages are astonishing.  LB


Magnificent Magna!

On Wednesday Years 3 and 4 went on a very exciting adventure to Magna in Rotherham, Near Sheffield.  After an hour and a half on the coach, we arrived at the incredible site and went inside.  The Year 3’s went straight into their Volcano Workshop and had a fabulous time learning about volcanoes and rock formation, as well as different types of rocks, including limestone, sandstone, granite and fools’ gold.

After that we all went into the main hall and had a fantastic time investigating the earth, air, water and fire rooms.  We also saw the Big Melt, which helped us to understand a bit more about the original steel works.

“We all had a fantastic time!” TS

“My favourite bits were the steel works and the earth section.”  ET

“I loved the fire tornado and the volcano workshop.” KL

“I found the air section a bit scary but I loved water bit.” WG

“My favourite bit was the Big Melt.”  PGS

“I thought the air tornado was amazing!” MS

“My favourite was the water because it showed you the water cycle.”  JW

“I enjoyed all of it but I liked the Big Melt most of all.”  LB

“I liked it when we went into the volcano workshop.” MW

“My favourite bit was the volcano workshop too.” MH

“The children all behaved beautifully and we were very proud to be out and about with them.”  CG